TrialView wins Best Technology Product award

Legal case management software TrialView has won the Best Technology Product award at The Lawyer Awards 2022.

TrialView is designed to simplify the trial process by allowing legal teams to manage and share case information, evidence, and documents in a secure and user-friendly platform. The software also provides real-time updates and analytics, allowing for better collaboration and decision-making.

The award recognises TrialView’s innovative approach to improving the legal industry and streamlining the trial process. TrialView’s CTO, Frank Brooks said “TrialView has been built from the ground up for scale and security. We are delighted to be recognised by the Lawyer Awards, and will continue to push boundaries, building our vision for the future of litigation.

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DAC Beachcroft adopts TrialView platform

Law firm DAC Beachcroft has adopted the virtual courtroom platform TrialView for use in its Irish offices.

TrialView enables legal teams to manage and share case information, evidence, and documents securely and in real-time, simplifying the trial process. The platform also provides virtual courtroom capabilities, allowing lawyers to attend and participate in remote hearings and trials. DAC Beachcroft is the latest law firm to adopt TrialView, which has gained popularity for its user-friendly interface and innovative approach to streamlining the legal industry.

“The applications of TrialView stretch beyond inquiries,” said commercial litigation partner Lisa Broderick, who heads up DACB’s Dublin office. “It is also very suitable for commercial litigation and mediations and to use as a secure data room in crisis situations. It’s a very exciting technology and provides a solution with countless benefits for our clients.”

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Artificial Lawyer: the future of disputes

The future of dispute resolution is, without doubt, going to be tech-driven, with an increasing focus on data analytics and with scope for augmented or virtual reality and a more immersive experience.

TrialView streamlines the dispute process, all the way from E-bundling to virtual and hybrid hearings, all within one secure cloud-based platform.