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What we offer

Built by lawyers for lawyers, TrialView is a secure platform, enabling lawyers to manage and present court documents with extraordinary efficiency, directly from one device to another.

Go paperless

Electronically manage and present trial documents, reducing paper management, saving time, and eliminating printing and delivery cost.

Stay secure

Rest easy, knowing your documents are protected with bank grade security.

Effortless efficiency

Quickly create trial books and prepare bundles at any time and from any where.


The most efficient litigation tool


TrialView is the perfect control center for your court documentation. We’ve assembled all of the tools you’ll need in one secure, convenient location.

Create customised day books

Top links bring you to relevant Trial Books

Manage and share core bundles with other parties

Quickly pre-view documents

Search with quick filters and sorting

Annotate and make comments

Use split screen

Navigate seamlessly between files

Present directly from your device

Why it works

Prepare and present directly from one device to another

Easy Upload

  • Upload Court documents to the TrialView secure room.
  • Organise & sequence documents into the Trial Bundle.
  • Create a customised, easily navigable index, and embed links to relevant sections.

Device to device

  • Advocates present documents directly from laptops or tablets.
  • Participants can access and follow the trial bundle through any device - desktop or mobile.
  • TrialView is compatible with Windows, iOS, & Android.

Effortless editing

  • Add notes, annotations, and highlight specific areas.
  • Choose to privatise notes, or share them with the legal team.
  • Create internal hyperlinks between different documents within the same trial bundle.

Simple synchronisation

  • TrialView ensures participants remain on the same page at all times.
  • Participants can leave the presentation to view other documents on the trial bundle.
  • At any stage, participants can re-join the presentation.

Secure sharing

  • Share Trial Bundle within the legal team, to witnesses, consultants and clients.
  • Restrict downloading, copying and printing rights.
  • When your trial bundle is ready, use TrialView to deliver it.

Powerful tools

  • Zoom-in on, highlight and bookmark features to isolate relevant sections.
  • A powerful index tool for quick retrieval of specific documents.
  • A word search to ensure relevant material is instantly accessible.


Protected by bank grade security

All documents are stored in our TrialView secure rooms. The latest HTML5 viewing technology ensures
documents can be shown, without being shared. Users viewing documents cannot download, copy or edit without authorisation.

TrialView allows you to view and annotate documents on any device, with full SSL or DRM security. 256– bit SSL encryption ensures security in transit.

Video Technology

Remote hearings & online trials

TrialView’s unique synchronising technology enables document led hearings to be conducted remotely. See video for details.

Courts across the world are now considering options for remote hearings. In the United Kingdom the Lord Chief Justice has stated:

“Given the rapidly evolving situation, there is an urgent need to increase the use of telephone and video technology immediately to hold remote hearings where possible”


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"Mr Justice McDonald was effusive in his praise: TrialView had worked seamlessy"

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Quinn v IBRC Litigation: "More than 150,000 documents were provided for the hearing, which were presented to the court via TrialView."

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"I was hugely impressed by it" - TrialView praised by President of High Court following successful pilot with High Court. See below for further endorsements.

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"New software set to be a game changer for the legal industry."

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