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Unlock the potential of your trial bundle using AI technology. With TrialView’s AI offering, you can ask questions, build timelines, detect patterns and make connections with incredible speed. Compare statements, depositions and case documents and uncover inconsistencies in your opponent’s case and witness testimony.

Platform Features



Create complex bundles quickly. Manage multiple file types. With smart pagination, date recognition and cross referencing tools you can create hyperlinked, court-compliant bundles in minutes.



Collaborate and prepare for trial. Mark up, tag and build proofs. With TrialView’s Open AI offering, you can create timelines, detect patterns and uncover inconsistencies in your opponents’ case.



Present your case with our smart evidence-presentation features, with fully integrated video and real time transcription. Mark up in real time. Use AI to find links and patterns as the evidence unfolds.

For Dispute Resolution



Widely used in the UK and Irish Commercial Courts, our streamlined platform facilitates a seamless transition from bundle preparation through to trial.

Alternative Dispute Resolution


Use TrialView for arbitration, adjudication and mediation. Our support team can work with you to align workflows and processes for a streamlined experience.

International Arbitration


As a trusted provider at the ICC, IAC, DDRC and other leading arbitral institutions, we offer a connected hearing service for domestic and international arbitrations.

Tribunals, Enquiries & Investigations


TrialView has been used for large investigations, regulatory hearings and high-profile statutory inquiries, bringing all parties together in a secure, cohesive workspace.

Simplify Your Workload

Work with speed and efficiency to prepare and present every aspect of your case.

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With advanced AI tools, including date recognition, smart pagination, dynamic cross referencing and hyperlinking, TrialView is the electronic court bundle software platform of choice for fast bundle creation.

TrialView specialises in bundling for hearings. Our award-winning platform allows you to create complex bundles in full compliance with relevant rules. Whether you are working from Excel, PDF, Word or e-mail we enable fast PDF bundle creation with hyperlinked index, OCR and bookmarking. AI tools enable date recognition, smart pagination, dynamic cross referencing and hyperlinking across all documents.

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Case Preparation


Our AI powered workspace augments your case preparation experience, with intelligent search, automated witness statement generation and speech to text transcription.

Go beyond bundling. With all case material in one centralised workspace, you can prepare with extraordinary efficiency. Mark up, tag and collaborate. Our AI integration allows you to ask questions, find answers, build timelines and analyse relationships between events, issues and actors.

Conduct CPR compliant witness interviews using speech to text video integration. Convert witness interview recordings into hyperlinked draft witness statements.

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Hearing Services


Unlock our suite of digital services, from interactive evidence presentation, hyperlinked transcription and integrated video conferencing, for a seamless hearing experience.

Unlock our hearing services, with smart evidence-presentation features. Electronically present evidence from one device to another. Follow and mark up evidence in real time. Use our integrated video conferencing for remote participation at hearing. Integrated real time allows you markup transcript and includes hyperlinks directly to evidence on end of day transcripts.

Follow the evidence on your device with interactive tools and stay ahead of the evidence with smart search.

Dispute Resolution. Resolved.

One place for all things for dispute resolution.


“I think it is a superb system. It is working extremely well.”

Robert Anderson KC Addressing the London Commercial Court on the use of TrialView

“The Kennedys London team found TrialView to be intuitive and easy to use in a complex multi-party arbitration. The pre-hearing support…was outstanding as was the support on the day which meant that the hearing proceeded smoothly…I would definitely use the platform again.”

Caitlin Gallagher, Senior Associate

“We engaged TrialView for an International Arbitration. Our Experience was very positive. We found the whole process very easy to get started and support was always available. The TrialView team was always efficient and calm and we were amazed at how fast the bundles were created and numbered.”

B.Cremades & Asociados

“I have worked with a number of platforms and Trialview is quite simply the leading virtual litigation platform out there bar none.”

JP McDowell, Partner

“TrialView is a real winner, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to a colleague, irrespective of Covid - Witness availability will become a thing of the past using TrialView.”

Dermot McEvoy, Litigation Partner

“The William Fry team found working with TrialView extremely straightforward and seamless, both in terms of the system itself and the excellent service provided. The assistance provided during the trial was invaluable…..I would happily recommend it.”

Paul Convery, Partner

“TrialView provided an excellent service…an easy-to-use trial platform in a complex multi-party arbitration…Not only was the platform first rate but the support team were on hand to deal with any requests efficiently and timeously.”

Ian Corbett, Partner and head of global construction group

“I am hugely impressed with TrialView. The trial [ran] so smoothly and effectively. It seems to me the future for trials. The team [were] excellent…. The client [was] hugely impressed.”

Helen Noble, Partner at Noble Shipping Law

“Our experience with TrialView was excellent. The platform was easy to use and the support on offer was equally impressive. We see this as the start of a long-term, collaborative relationship with the team at TrialView which is firmly part of the value engineering approach we take to disputes.”

Luke Harrison, Founding Partner

“…I found the experience satisfactory and straightforward to use.”

Mr Justice Garrett Simons
Judge of the High Court) about the use of TrialView during the Quinn v IBRC litigation involving over 150,000 trial documents In one of the State’s largest banking disputes.

“…I was hugely impressed by it”

Former President of the High Court, Ms Justice Mary Irvine

“All the team including lawyers, experts and witnesses found TrialView so user friendly and easy to use. It has allowed us to seamlessly run a number of Commercial Court hearings which would otherwise not have been possible due to Covid-19 restrictions. The support from the TrialView team throughout from set-up, training, document uploads and the hearing was excellent.”

Mona Costelloe, Partner

“ was of great assistance to the parties and certainly cut down the trial time substantially.”

Paul Gallagher SC (Former Attorney General of Ireland) on the use of TrialView in large pharmaceutical action

“.. we were very impressed with Trialview. It’s a really good system and is very well supported by the TrialView team.”

Brian Quigley, Litigation Partner,

“I also want to thank TrialView…for the exceptional way it managed to bring up every single document, no matter how many documents were referred to by counsel.”

Mr Justice Denis McDonald
(Judge of the Commercial Court) on the use of TrialView for the FBD Litigation in Irish Commercial Court

“…Given the Covid restrictions in place the case could not have proceeded without TrialView and it worked without a hitch.”

Gavin Simons, Commercial Litigation Partner, Amoss Solicitors.

“… I can attest fully to the high functionality of TrialView in very testing conditions. The product is great but the service levels and support throughout were equally impressive.”

Barry Cahir, Commercial Litigation Partner

“Trial View proved its worth in a 7 day commercial High Court trial with almost purely digital and electronic materials. Trial View coped strongly with high volumes of documents where other systems had not been able to. The speed, responsiveness and reliability of the technology to bring up the relevant documents quickly was impressive.”

Robin Somerville
Barrister & Arbitrator

Case Studies

Hausfeld engages TrialView for complex case at IDRC

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Fieldfisher, worked with TrialView to navigate a complex case before the Competition Appeal Tribunal. The case was highlighted by The Lawyer as one of its “Top 20 cases for 2023”.

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Claims by two global pharma giants, relating to alleged breaches of patents, leverage TrialView for case preparation and evidence presentation at the Commercial Court.

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With our AI functionality, we balance innovation with practical tools to help make your case preparation easier. One of our newest evolutions is Timeline Creation functionality.

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Our panel explored the transformative potential of AI and its implications for the legal profession.

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LIDW24 – Arbitration Alchemy

TrialView and Serle Court host a stimulating discussion on the psychological aspects of AI adoption in international arbitration.

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