Privacy Policy - TrialView

Your personal data – How is it governed?

The processing of personal data is governed by the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (the “GDPR”). Trialview and any of our chosen outsourced third party service providers who are involved in the processing and control of your information, are referred to in this privacy statement as ‘we’.

How did we come by your personal information and why?

We have researched and collected your ‘Corporate Subscriber’ data for marketing purposes. We are trying to promote our products and services to your business or place of work. Some of your data may have been collected directly from you or a colleague, but is more likely from a publicly available resource like the internet. Having identified your business as one we want to engage with and offer our products and services to we may have used a number of resources to collect ‘employee contact details’ (Referred to as ‘Corporate Subscribers’), ie. while researching our target audience, we may have collected your first and last names from one resource and another piece of data such as email address from another resource. We never collect and store any information which is not necessary for its intended use. While acquiring this data we are looking for the appropriate job roles/functions within organisations we wish to communicate and engage with and whose responsibility it might be to procure our products and services.

Corporate Subscribers

The rules on processing ‘corporate subscriber’ data (Employees of Companies) are different than those of ‘individuals’. We can consider ‘Legitimate Interest’ as a legal basis for processing as we have done here and are not forced to rely on ‘consent’ as a legal basis for processing. This does not in any way undermine your ‘right to object to future processing’ and indeed access and control or delete all the information we have stored for you. You can access more information regarding the rules on processing ’corporate subscriber’ data in the PDF here – page 44.

How Do We Process Your Data?

We may contact you via email or telephone to discuss potential work related opportunities, but only in connection with work related matters and never personal matters. We do not hold or store any information which could identify you outside your place of work. If you have not previously attended one of our events or communicated with us regarding our products and services, the 4 pieces of data we hold relating to you are as follows: Firstname, Lastname, Job Title, Corporate Email Address. This data was sourced in February 2022. We do not share this information with anybody outside the service providers contracted to assist us with this processing. We take steps to ensure that all our chosen 3rd party service providers are also compliant with the general data protection regulation 2016/679.

How Long Will We Keep Your Information?

If we have an ongoing engagement between our organisations then we may store this information for as long as we need to communicate with you effectively. Should we fail to engage or engagement ceases for whatever reason then it is our policy to delete your information after 12 months. We have processed your ‘Corporate Subscriber’ information based on our legitimate interest, for business to business marketing purposes. You have been processed regarding work related matters and not a personal matter. Our legitimate interest does not in any way undermine your right to access, object to future processing, and portability or the removal of the data we are storing. You are free to request us to stop contacting you at any time and we will abide by any such instruction. Data Controller: